↓the long way to Waiboo…

Everything started with a purchase of a 3D Printer. After the first enthusiasm, mass of useless 3d objects and days of Thingiverse research, I almost gave up hope. BUT then I found the Ronin from Aaron Thomas !

Ronin from Aaron Thomas
Ronin  4 x increase







Unfortunately the Ronin was not available at this time. So I had to look for an alternative project. Then I found an ambitious project from France. Gael Langewin made it his task to create a homonoid robot from the 3D printer, this was exactly what I was looking for. This Inmoov Projekt grabbed me right away.

Because I didn’t have any Experience in robotics, it was initially a challenge to manage the construction plans and the numerous 3D files, but it proved to be worthwhile, I learned more about 3D printing, Robotics and “me, myself and I” ;-). Thanks to the help of the Community of the Inmoov Project as well as the EZBs Roboter Controller Community grabbed me the ambition and I even decided to make some own modifications. The most striking modification is the head of Hansi, he individual components I have put together in painstaking work. Today, it seems to me madness, but since I have no knowledge of 3D Design-Software, it was at this time the only way. My craftwork story with the inmoov head, is further down in the gallery. Have fun!

But the result was worth it. The desired human countenance came to bear more and more.

Bildergebnis für maker faire berlinThere was the desire to present the Hansi @ the Maker Faire simply too big. The exchange with craftsmen and hobbyists is always a good experience and inspiration.


Unfortunately the project stalled and I needed a new inspitaion.

I decided to build the “Moveo”. Unfortunately, in the course of the realization, I encountered numerous inconsistencies and I decided now to design my own improved robot arm the Waiboo. In my opinion, there were many things, which I wanted to improve and optimize to develop a 6-axis robot arm according to my own ideas.


May I introduce Waiboo!